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"Bullard City" HAS ADDED MORE BRAWN!       

Now with...

Over 125,000 sq. feet of manufacturing area. 32 Bullard Mult-Au-Matics - All Sizes. 24 C.N.C. universal lathes. 24 Multiple Spindle drilling & tapping machines. 24 single spindle drilling & tapping machines. Marking equipment up to 36 O.D. capacity. Complete tool room facilities & personnel. EDI capable of X12 & EDIFACT standards.


We are a high volume production job shop; Specializing in Axle, Transmission & Cam shafts; Hubs, Drums, Rotors, Flanges up to 36 inch O.D. Capacity;

Brake adapter brackets; Various Axle parts; Engine Parts and Gear blanks.


                     ----- Since 1942 we've been a cut above our competition -----


                                               Try us! You won't be Sorry!


"Bullard City" also has 30,000 sq. feet available for manufacturing space or assembly space

that is currently empty for future products.



                                                                                                                                To contact us:

                                                                                                            801 Water St, Jackson, Michigan, 49203

                                                                                    Phone: (517) 783-2756, Fax: (517) 783-5056 Email: milleracct@earthlink.net


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